Curtis Maxwell Perrin AIA, PhD  works through existing buildings allowing unrecognized capacities to emerge from subtle shifts of what already exists. Architecture is not about dressing up an old problem in a new look. It is about bringing out of the world that exists before us the potentials it already always has, yet that sometimes need a careful framing to achieve. OPEN|LINE is the architecture of opening potential.

Rather than tear down or build new shapes of unaddressed problems, this work seeks transformation. Change comes through arriving at the essence of what the users of a building want, maximizes the freedoms and enjoyments they want for their own lives. It is always more about the inhabitant than the architect.

It is always about hearing and listening, helping find the ways to achieve what is wanted. Yet also, the minimum of complication or expense. The simple, transformative gesture is often ready at hand, once one has carefully heard what is desired and rigorously studied the existing situation. Relocating a single door often has more effect and more value – and creates more lasting happiness – than tearing down an old problem just to make a new one in a different shape.

These are skills learned from years of association and collaboration with Lacaton & Vassal, who won the Pritzker Prize in 2021 and imbued in him his sense for sustainability, working with what exists, and working with optimism.

He graduated with distinction from Harvard’s Graduate School of Design and holds a Ph.D. from Yale University. He is on the board of the Roxbury Historical Society and is an established resident of Highland Park in Roxbury.

He teaches at Wentworth Institute and has been an invited juror on reviews at the AA in London, WIT, Northeastern, BAC, UVa Architecture, and Harvard GSD.
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