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Curtis Maxwell Perrin | AIA PhD  works through the existing we already have to allow unrecognized capacities to emerge from subtle shifts.

Architecture is not about tearing down an old problem to replace it with one in a new shape. It is to build frameworks for the enjoyments of community, reconciliations, to assist in bringing them to be amid existing situations through specific, simple, economical operations. OPEN|LINE exists in the affirmation that the world we want is in the space among us, even among old partitions and separations, where we are still most together while sensing there can be openings for more.

OPEN|LINE is ongoing practice in transformation, inspired through years of collaboration with Lacaton & Vassal, who won the Pritzker Prize in 2021 for introducing wide new capacity into modern buildings via seeing into the essentials of how to exist in a given framework. These imperatives extend via OPEN|LINE to historic structures of any time – to open via conservation existing buildings' potentials of reinvention, reuse, and renewal.

Curtis graduated with distinction from Harvard’s Graduate School of Design and holds a Ph.D. from Yale University. He is on the board of Docomomo as well as of the Roxbury Historical Society and is an established resident of Highland Park in Roxbury, where he served on the study commission to implement the newly official Highland Park Architectural Conservation District.

He has been an invited juror on reviews at the AA in London, WIT, Northeastern, BAC, Citrus College California, UVa Architecture, and Harvard GSD.

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